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How much costs trench convector grill?

Because we respect the time of each customer, and we also want to focus on the quality of our services, please email us. We offer free valuation of any grille on canal heater.

To receive a free offer, please email us the following information:

  • desired length of grille

  • desired width of grille

  • desired height of grille (eg. 20mm)

  • material which you need (aluminum, wood, stainless steel)

  • distance (eg 15mm or another: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17,5mm)

    Please use the form or write to us at the address below:

    For more custom inquiries, please contact us by phone at the link Contact.

    See how to properly measure the grid for pricing and production !

    Grille without L-Frames

    Grille with frame "L" type / decorative
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